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Jamaica’s All-Inclusive Resorts: Leaders In Destination Weddings

Long before destination weddings were the rage, couples were quietly flying down to Jamaica for romantic beachside ceremonies. The all-inclusive resorts on the former British island have been catering to wedding ? and honeymoon ? couples for decades and have perfected the destination wedding to an art form. The island’s resorts range from the casual to the elegant to the slightly risqu?. Consider one of the following for your wedding or honeymoon: […read more…]

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Getting A Great Seat On Southwest Airlines (Without Engaging In Fisticuffs With Other Passengers!)

So you want to fly for a dollar on Southwest, but you?re tired of sitting in the middle seat, at the back of the plane, smelling the restroom sanitizer spray? Yes, THE SECRET isn?t some law of attraction, it?s getting a good seat on an ?open-seating? flight. After flying on gazillions of Southwest planes, touring as a corporate comedienne, I?ve figured it out! Here are ways to raise the odds that you?ll get a decent seat too. […read more…]