Down Under, the Weather’s Fine!

Down Under the Weather's
Down Under the Weather's

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For the traveler that?s considering Sydney, one of the main attractions is the moderate weather. Unlike other cities that boast the same thing, Sydney truly delivers on the sunny skies and comfortable conditions.

With a location in a basin near the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Sydney also features the Blue Mountains ( off to its west. As the largest natural harbor in the world, Sydney also claims over seventy beaches that can be enjoyed by tourists and native Australians. With a similar city size to London, Sydney officials have taken care to preserve a large part of the area within the city limits. The city of Sydney ( has two main regions: the Hornsby Plateau and the Cumberland Plain. The plateau is a distinct feature that is over six hundred feet in elevation and split by valleys of forests. On the other hand, the plain is a flat region that is west and south of the actual harbor. This geography plays a large role in how the actual climate is affected.

With the ocean coast, it?s no wonder that Sydney displays all of the signs of an oceanic climate. However, travelers will want to note that being in the south of the equator means that the seasons are reversed from those countries north of the equator. If you?re looking for a warmer month, head out to Sydney in December, January, February or November.

The overall rain counts for Sydney’s average over the course of the year, with no real rainy season to speak of. The lowest number of rainy days is usually about nine or ten per month, while the highest number of days with rain in a month is generally thirteen. This makes for grand weather that is consistent and easy to plan vacations around.

The eastern winds that blow in during the first half of the year allow for slightly higher rainfalls during that time of year, but the difference is not overly noticeable. And don?t worry; there isn?t any snowfall to ruin any travel plans. The last snowfall recorded in Sydney was in the 1830s.

There have been periods of drought in Sydney due to the presence or absence of El Nino, but this is not as prevalent as it once was and the differences are minimal. Bushfires can be seen on one side of the city in these kinds of conditions. Weather patterns that involve cyclones or hail storms are rare and generally not something that needs to cause concern.

With the miles of sandy beaches in the Sydney area and the consistently beautiful weather, tourists and residents enjoy an extraordinary amount of fair weather, allowing for snorkeling, deep sea fishing, and other water sports in the harbor and out in the ocean.

If there?s one thing that brings the people to Sydney, it?s the weather. There are few things to ruin your fun filled days, and even less things to worry you as you rest in the warm sun light.

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