Southampton Airport: a cost-effective gateway to the UK?

Southampton Airport
Southampton Airport: The rise of the web seems to possess brought many benefits, one among which has undoubtedly been the increasing flexibility that we now have at our disposal when booking holidays.

This is particularly true within the case of flights. Online flight price comparison websites make sure that we will go searching to hunt out the simplest deal from the spread of agents and airlines.

People flying to and from the United Kingdom have possibly benefited more than most. There seem to be numerous budget airlines based in the UK, allowing easy access to Europe at cheap prices.

The new budget airlines have also brought benefits for regional airports? the likes of Exeter, Bournemouth, Doncaster, Southampton, and Norwich have been growing a great deal.

Let’s look at one of these species? Southampton Airport. This airport on the outskirts of the Southern coastal city was relatively small until recently, specializing in flights to the Channel Islands.

The arrival of Flybe has meant that much has changed. There are now flights in and out of Southampton from beautiful cities like Geneva, Paris, and Amsterdam. Not to mention the cheap flights available to popular holiday resorts.

Despite this growth, Southampton often seems to be overlooked as an arrival airport for travelers looking to get to the UK on a budget.

This is particularly strange given the close proximity of Southampton Airport to London (it is, after all, barely an hour by train from the airport’s dedicated mainline railway station to London Waterloo, in the heart of the capital city).

This short journey time means that Southampton is barely further away from Central London than Stansted. You’ll also find that processing of your baggage at the airport tends to be much faster than that found at more major airports since there are fewer incoming flights.

Taking this into the equation, you may well find that your journey time could even be reduced. So next time you’re looking to visit London (or maybe looking for a cheap flight out of the UK) don’t forget to look at the offers available at Southampton Airport.

You may find that the prices will come as a pleasant surprise, while the journey into Central London is so straightforward that you’ll not lose any time on your holiday.

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