Take it Easy, Be Happy, Rent a Villa


A family vacation to? The Happiest Place on Earth? is a rewarding experience you will never forget. With so much to see and do, it has become increasingly important to a lot of visitors that they plan accordingly and reserve comfortable and spacious accommodations. If you are traveling with children, the open spaces in a vacation home or villa will translate into added silence and downtime after a long day at the parks.

We’ve all been there before. As you’re trying to unwind in a cramped hotel room, the kids become restless from their boredom and begin to jump from double-bed to double-bed in order to work off their left-over energy. If you put enough people in a cramped space, stress levels can rise rather quickly. A single television in a small hotel room is an argument waiting to happen. Vacation homes and pool villas, by comparison, usually come furnished with televisions in each room. Today, it has become easier and cheaper for the average tourist to avoid situations like these.

Vacation homes and pool villas in the Orlando area average in the $700-$900/weekly price range. Most of these homes can sleep 6+ guests as opposed to the standard 4 in a hotel room. If you were to reserve a hotel room (or two) for 6-8 guests you may need to prepare to pay upwards of $1,500 for a week’s stay. When planning a family stays in Orlando for at least a week, there really is no other way to go.

A hotel complex may have one entertaining amenity if you are lucky: a community pool. If you and your family value privacy, most vacation homes come with a personal swimming pool in the property’s backyard. This way, parents can easily supervise their children from the comfort of home. Spark up the Bar-B-Q on the back porch and have dinner ready as the kids exit the pool for the day! Many villa communities also include tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts within walking distance.

Vacation home in the Disney World Resort vicinity truly offers the best of both worlds. The convenience of staying near Disney and the opportunity to explore everything else Orlando has to offer. You may choose to venture out a few miles and do a little shopping at the Premier Outlets just off of Interstate 4, eat out at one of the many fine-dining destinations in the Orlando metro area, or delve into Orlando’s buzzing downtown district. Either way, you decide to plan your vacation, be sure to make renting a villa or vacation home a habit wherever you travel.

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